What is an A-kasse?

The Danish word ‘a‑kasse’ is an abbreviation for ‘arbejdsløshedskasse’ and means unemployment insurance fund. When you join (become a member of) the a‑kasse, you are guaranteed an amount of regular income if you become unemployed. So the a‑kasse can give you time to look for the right job, pay your bills – and in fact help you to find a job.  

How does it work?
Each month you pay a monthly fee, which can be written off against your Danish tax payments. When you have made payments for 12 consecutive months, you are eligible for unemployment benefits, dependent on whether you are new to the benefits system or not: 

  • New to the benefits system
    If you are new to the benefits system, your eligibility for receiving benefits is based on your income.
    This means that you become eligible to receive benefits once you have earned DKK 233.376. In calculating this, we can only include up to DKK 19.448 per month, however.

  • If you are already in the benefits system
    If you have received benefits before, you renew your eligibility by means of hours worked rather than income.
    This means that you become eligible for benefits again once you have worked 1,924 hours within a three-year period.

If you have been made redundant, your monthly insurance payment will be paid directly into your bank account in your first month of redundancy. Should you choose to leave your position, there is a 3-week waiting period before cover applies.

What do you get?
A full paying member receives a monthly sum on average of 18.866 DKK (2019) - you'll find the lastest a-kasse rates here. Furthermore you can consult our job advisors and receive help in connection with your job application process, including advice on how to write a successful CV.

What does it cost?
Before tax reduction the monthly charge for a full paying member of Min A-kasse's Unemployment Insurance Fund is 470 DKK (2019).

How do I join?
You can fill in the online registration form on our website (only in Danish) or call us on Tel 70 12 37 82 

Payments from abroad - click here

Min A-kasse

Min A-kasse sætter en ære i både at holde kontingentet nede og servicen i top. Heldigvis er vi blandt de billigste a-kasser i Danmark, samtidig med at Min A-kasse ligger i top på medlemstilfredshed i både MSI og STARs undersøgelser. 

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